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Hi, I am Sébastien L. Taveau - This site will just give you some food for thoughs extracted from different experiences I had along my life path.

This are just ideas and comments to share and my opinion is mine, make yours in order to be you. Take it or leave it, it's your choice.

I enjoy living in Redwood City, CA for its environment and multiple activities I have here.

Sharing knowledge is the most precious gift someone can give and receive.

For years of International Business experience in high-tech industry, knowledge has been my best asset. Sometimes, you need help in order to fluctuat and not mergitur.

International Damage Prevention is always better than Damage Control.

Cultural differences don't make it easier. This is why you can request Consulting advices from me. These are free so if it doesn't work, well, try again or somewhere else. If these work and you want to express your gratitude, - fine, go ahead - , send the money directly to the UNESCO/UNICEF fund. Children around the world need it more than me.


On this site, you will find information as:

My Favorite People

My Favorite Links

My Favorite Places

My Monthly 2 Centimes

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